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For you long-time Pirate fans…you’ll like this one…blast from past

So, today, I had lunch with a former great Pirate player…Kevin Ingram. He met me for lunch in a great restaurant in Jenkintown, PA, for those of you who might be around the area…a place called the Kitchen Bar.

Kevin Ingram

For those of you who do not know who Kevin is, he was the starting quarterback for Ed Emory’s famed 1983 squad. He transferred from Villanova University after the they disbanded the team.

Now, I can’t tell you everything we talked about because that would ruin the Pirate Time Machine feature that I am working on, but I will say that he is such a great guy. He is a contractor these days so if you live in Philly-area and need some home improvements or construction done, consider giving him a call. And, he loves the Pirates…has kept up with them and will likely be another of those greats that you see more and more involved going forward.

Here are the answers he gave me to a few questions I asked him. Sorry…can’t share the questions – you will have to read the Magazine this year to figure that out.

1. answer: “without a doubt, that would be the Florida State game.’

2. answer: “all together…there were 12.”

3. answer: “so, I canceled a trip there and visited ECU.”

4. answer: “I was so happy we beat them three-straight times.”

5. answer: “Yeah…on the street.”

Just a few of the answers in a pretty cool discussion with the QB who made the ’83 Pirates go.

Wanted to share!

Please share any Ingram or 1983 memories you care to share.

14 comments on “For you long-time Pirate fans…you’ll like this one…blast from past

  1. Love the tease with the answers and not the questions.

    • thought you might.

      miss you brother.

    • T.S. "Doc" Gibbs

      Kevin was Lamar Jackson before Lamar Jackson. As a equipment manager with the Pirates in 83′ , I got to see his exploits up close and personal. He ran our Option I to perfection! Kev was cool personified! We had the Canes and FSU beat in 83, and scared the hell out of Florida too.
      Kev played the last few plays of the Miami game with a dislocated jaw and still led us down the field to give us a chance to win!
      Class guy and great athlete!!!

      • Hey Doc…great to get a comment on this even now! I didn’t know that tidbit about his jaw during the Miami game. Spent a bunch of time with him and he never got to that!

        He was a special guy and so glad he found his way to ECU.

        Cheers to you Doc and thanks for checking in.

  2. jsh27896

    with instant replay we would have beat Florida State that year. The fumble ruling was BOGUS.

    • No doubt jsh…little home cookin’ down in Tallahassee in my opinion. When the ground causes the fumble…not a fumble right? Except that day. Not to mention there should have been a spearing flag.

      Thanks for dropping in…

  3. pirate r

    Before my time in Greenville but as sudent of ECU football; this is bloody fantastic. Great stuff.

    • Hi Pirate R…like you, a bit before my time but not by much. a couple of years later, I was there and it was the ’83 team (and a good time at a Kinks concert in Greenville) were my first memories of ECU.


  4. Point KI to for an EASY way to keep up…

    • Thanks Den…will include this link in the info I send to Kevin. He wants to come to Letterman’s this time around. These guys are all making there way back home. Once a Pirate…always a Pirate!

      Hope all is great Den!

  5. cjpirate

    Kevin was an absolute magician running that freeze-option offense. In fact, that was probably my favorite offense ever at ECU.

    • Aye…yes he was CJ…

      Shame that team got hosed by the bowl circuit. Impressive group of players. Ingram was fantastic, indeed.

      Thanks for stoppin’ by.

      • Just came across this website. Kevin Ingram (#1) was a great quarterback. I attended ECU in the early 80’s and was a big Pirate football fan. Mainly, a huge Kevin Ingram fan. I believe when I started ECU the team had begun using the I formation. Kevin was so good on the field that I started learning more about football. I even made a scrapbook back then to keep those memories. I never missed a home game when “Ingram” was playing. Kevin was smart, fast, and an outstanding leader. He was an amazing person on and off the field. A true gentleman.

  6. Check out ECU revisited on Youtube for some videos! I believe there are 3

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