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Player tidbit: Scarborough definitely going JUCO route

Just wanted to follow-up on information that I posted previously here in regards to standout East Duplin linebacker Dre Scarborough. Previously, I had understood that his chances of making it to the program this fall were a bit on the slim side but that he working to slip in.

I confirmed, today, through a pair sources in the Jacksonville area that he will not be at ECU this fall, so he will follow the back-up plan. He will, indeed, go to Gulf Coast Community College in Mississippi – where he committed in May – with a goal of gaining academic eligibility in one year at the JUCO rather than the traditional 2-year commitment. Perhaps old news to some, but I wanted to close the loop from the previous post.

If he is successful, he would join the Pirates in the summer of 2013 and would have 4 seasons to play 3.

Of course, this also means he can be re-recruited and choose to go elsewhere. History has not been with us in this situation, but perhaps he will have a great year and stick with the Pirates.

Good luck to Dre and here’s to hoping we see you in a Pirate uniform come 2013.



4 comments on “Player tidbit: Scarborough definitely going JUCO route

  1. thanks for keeping us informed… the sportscasters here never give us anything unless there is a problem until the season starts….

    • I really hope he ends up at ECU…love how he plays the position. Also, my folks are in Jacksonville area and have been for many years, so I am pretty familiar with the East Duplin program…always good, but very few players ever get a shot…would like to see some of them make it out of there and Dre would be a nice one to start with.

      Hopefully Dontrill Hyman follows through and sticks with ECU and will start a trend where we can finally start placing kids in JUCOs that eventually don the Purple & Gold!


  2. Thanks for the update. Figured this would happen, but at least we know for sure now. On a similar note, I’ve reached out to Dontrill Hyman and am working on putting together a detailed update on him in the coming days.

    • That is great…looking forward to hearing about him. When I spoke to both Adonis Armstrong and Godfrey Thompson, they both said that Dontrill absolutely LOVES ECU…he is, according to them, and incredible ambassador for our school. Both said that he has been selling ECU since he arrived at Hinds.

      Looking forward to that follow up Stephen!

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