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What, me worry? So, we’re missing some of our signees, eh?

Where Ye Be Wayward Pirates?

I know that there has been some serious concerns about the freshmen and JUCO guys who have yet to report to ECU. We are all so used to early enrollers and 2nd summer session being the status quo…it seems down right crazy when a freshman actually enrolls with the rest of the freshmen.

That said, there are several JUCOs and frosh not yet here and I have noted that there is a bit of a stir about it.

I can’t say 100% because the kids always think that they are going to make the grade or clear the clearing house early, but I am more than happy to share what I know:

1. Jonathan McLaughlin – I spoke to him in May and then at the beginning of summer and he indicated then consistently that he would be at ECU in the Fall (not summer);

2. Lucas Thompson – his coach (a big-time ECU guy) indicated to me this week that Lucas needed the summer to wrap up some things following a strong senior academic year. He is on track to be here for Fall and was never likely to be here in summer;

3. Dayon Pratt – is enrolled at ECU, despite his email not being set up in the system.

4. Gabe Woullard – spoke to him and he is set for Fall. he hoped badly to be in before, but clearing house is a slow process (even Brendan Rowland who IS at ECU, is still waiting for clearing house as an fyi).

5. Lance Ray – spoke to him. He was always set for  Fall enrollment and according to him, all set and will be here.

6. Vintavious Cooper – spoke to his coach and he indicated to me that Vintavious was always planning to be here for Fall.

As for De’Andre Scarborough & Quandarious Crump, it has long been rumored that both would be going to JUCO with Scarborough going to Gulf Coast (MS) CC and Crump going to Hinds (MS) CC, respectively. I know that Scarborough signed with Gulf Coast in May which makes sense if he was trying to get his grades up this summer, he would need to have a back-up plan. Doesn’t mean he won’t be here in the fall. I have reached out to some press friends to follow up on both of these to see if there is any more recent information.

One other note…Dontrill Hyman – over at Hinds CC – needs his sophomore season there to complete his preparation to come to ECU…look for January enrollment, providing he keeps on his books. He, by the way, is already a crazy ambassador for ECU. Godfrey Thompson and Adonis Armstrong both mentioned – when I spoke to them – that Dontrill really loves ECU and talks about being there all the time.

Thought I would share what I know for those who might be wondering.

Go Pirates!

9 comments on “What, me worry? So, we’re missing some of our signees, eh?

  1. Thanks for the update Ron. I may still have fingernails by August now.

  2. Thank you – it’s summer. This topic, our schedule, verbals, and uniforms can easily be the topics du jour.

    • definitely Pirate R…definitely.

      Is there something new with the unis?? do tell if you know something.

      thanks for checking in PR.

      • Nothing that I have heard – just that time of year when the uniform discussion will inevitably pick up. But since we opened that door….we need more gold in our uni’s IMHO – WVU does a nice job with their gold/yellow against a dark color, and heck even Southern Miss uses their mustard color with that UPS Brown. Both are Nike as well – it can’t be that difficult. Sorry to change gears…couldn’t resist…..

        PS – Are you thinking about preparing a blog about the volume of early verbals? Kind of unprecidented for us. Ruff & Co. are getting it done.

      • Love unis talk at any time PR…i think we should sell ads for our unis and make more money.

        I will give the recruiting topic some consideration…share my thoughts.

  3. Great info, Ron.

    Crump and Scarborough were the two most “iffy” recruits of this class so it won’t be a surprise to see them not make it in if they don’t.

    Looking forward to reading your individual recruiting stories in Bonesville Magazine. They are top-notch every year.

    • Thanks for taking the time to stop in Stephen.

      Magazine is in design now…so it should go to printer at end of month and be to everyone before first game.

      BTW…I know of a couple of other pretty darn good features in this year’s edition!

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