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C-USA could learn a thing or two from the MWC about gumption

Pardon the Vent-terruption…but I gotta get this off the chest. I am sure that what follows is so knee-jerk that some of you can help me understand that I am seeing this all wrong – and I sincerely mean it…please help me feel better about this – but I am so disgusted with our CUSA leaders all sequestered there in Texas.

Yep…I got one.

Through all of this Big East garbage, one thing I have always found irritating is the lack of proactive maneuvering from Conference USA. From the first pilfering of the conference back when Cincinnati, Louisville, and USF left and again during this current raid, our leadership seemingly accepts our inferiority and steps aside kindly as not to rock the boat.

Where is the aggressiveness? Where is the gumption?

At times, it seems almost as if we want to be the Big East’s minor league system…trying so hard to be nice about it. Hell, our leaders were so considerate we helped the teams that left in 2005 leave early to be a good neighbor the BE as it raided us.

So, today, after reading how the MWC is engaging Boise State to stay put, I want to give a loud shout out, atta-boy, go get ’em to that league for not accepting the status quo, for not lying down without a fight. Their leadership has a set while our’s needs to grow its pair. Even before the AQ status became history, the MWC was out making the case and pushing hard on the BCS for their inclusion based on merit while our guys sat on their hands “hoping” the likes of Central Florida and SMU wouldn’t be leaving.

Where was our push to keep the bungling four from our league in the fold? Why aren’t we reaching out to them to stay? Why not go after Cincinnati, Louisville, and USF?

While our guys were kind enough to help out the Big East while they looted the house in 2005, the MWC told Boise, “Heck no you can’t leave your other sports with us…sorry Bub…all or nothing.”

Even the dying merger discussions between CUSA/MWC, while the MWC was interested, they still were decisive, proactive, and working their best interest at all times; hence, dictated the situation on its own terms for its membership’s best interest. Ours, continue to mumble about it is not dead yet but clearly seemed to default to the passive role in the discussions with the MWC. Hell, it took the Big East’s second raid before our league leaders would even consider the merger idea that was not so subtly put forward…oh…years ago by Coach Holland. Sheeesh.

We act like the beaten dog, the scared child, the self-deprecating guy…all the things that only serve to make our woes self-fulfilling realities. I remember hearing stories – true or not – about a former coach at ECU who didn’t recruit certain top players because we can’t get them anyways…how do you know unless you try? Same sadly applies to our leadership in CUSA, IMO.

For me, if anyone wants to argue which league is better, the MWC or CUSA, hands down it is the MWC even if for no other reason then the fact that they truly believe they are better while our leaders act like we are second class and hence have no ground on which to make a stand.

Good luck to the MWC on this bold action. And, here’s wishing that our conference leadership can learn something from it.

Gumption…sure would be nice.



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