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OPPORTUNITY Knocking! Can you hear that CUSA, MWC???

For more than two years, the Big East has sat there, like the scared little boy on the playground who can’t even lift a hand in defense of himself, taking punch after punch after punch from the ACC, the BCS, and the now the Big 12.

An AQ conference that publicly acknowledges – pretty much – that they are just going to wait till the other AQs finish picking them over before they can act, really doesn’t deserve its AQ stature.

I hope that the CUSA and MWC commissioners are paying attention. With a little bit of gumption and aggressiveness, they could talk a lot more than just a meger. They could form a football-first, power conference that with AQ status could yield a least a 1/2 dozen annual top-10 teams.

Consider a grouping like this:

East Division   West Division
West Virginia Boise State
South Florida Houston
Rutgers SMU
East Carolina Tulsa
Central Florida Colorado State
Louisville Nevada
Southern Miss Cincinnati
Navy Air Force


Every football program on this list has visited the Top-25 in the last decade or so. The Big East is dead or on the vine dying, so why not be the anti-Big East and mobilize a coordinated effort to build a football conference that, with AQ status, could become a monster?

The remaining CUSA and MWC schools could form another conference which would be pretty competitive as well.

I seriously doubt that the commissioners will, could or would do such an out of the box thing – like be proactive – but it would be nice to see.

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