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Big East Getting what it Deserves

Today’s Big East soap opera turned once again with word out of TCU that they will likely bypass the BE and head to the greener pastures and more geographically logical Big 12 Conference.

All I can say is, bwah, ha, ha , ha, ha…!!

The Big East has to be the most ineptly run conference in the history of collegiate athletics. The proverbial 110-pound weakling getting sand kicked in their face at every turn. That the ACC raided them not once, but twice, underscores how horribly defenseless they are.

How does that saying go? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me? What a bunch of idiots.

They have had years to solidify their ranks and become aggressive since the ACC raided them for BC, Virginia Tech, and Miami and instead sat on their hands and did nothing. Serves them right.

Even if they had stooped, back then, and settled for lowly ECU and UCF as new members, they would be in a much more formidable position than they are today. Like Cincinnati did a couple of years ago, either or both of those two programs could easily have stormed to the top of the Big East ranks and maybe even contributed more to boosting the league than tearing it apart.

Now, look at you. A flailing organization with football schools in misery and dying to escape the shadow of what is now becoming a crumbling basketball league. For what? Ridiculous.

Now, ECU probably will get the bid. And we will have to take it. But I would take it with the idea that I am getting AQ status for two years and if need be, parlay that to another league. And if the offer comes without AQ benefits…then I wouldn’t even want to see us touch the offer.

Yes, the BE is a sham. Its leadership no more than a collection of stooges with no idea how to navigate the BCS waters.

Bye-Bye TCU…that $5 million was well spent…it legitimized your AQ status.

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