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Is Dominique Davis the Answer?

In Brian Bailey’s report for WNCT, he sites an inside source – a coach – as stating that Dominique Davis was the odds on favorite to win the ECU starting QB role. The source noted this was in large part due to his game experience.

Dominique Davis has the tools to win the job

I have personally spoken to DD and he is a sharp kid who is going to work very hard to make that a reality and I am hoping that this is the case given that he has played already in two huge championships (ACC and National JUCO).

The big if for Davis is accuracy. I spoke to several prominent JUCO football coaches and they gave him mixed reviews. His own coach at Fort Scott Community College has produced 13 Division I quarterbacks and calls DD the best of the bunch. He also noted that DD has focused and worked so hard on his accuracy that he is now virtually a marksman.

HOWEVER…in speaking to at least one other prominent JUCO coach, he said that DD was somewhat overrated.

Having spoken to DD…I think he has the goods and I expect him to come in and win the starting job. I am sure that Coach Ruff and his staff will have the best possible quarterback under center come September 5th.

My biggest reason for this is that he was a Steven Logan bred quarterback. And, love or hate Steve, he knows quarterbacks.

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