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Wishing you the Best, Kevin Gidrey

When I heard the news that our star fullback/tight end Kevin Gidrey had decided to transfer to the University of South Florida to play his final season with former Coach Skip Holtz, I was not surprised, but was a little choked up.

Gidrey hoists up Jon Williams after a TD

Kevin was a great Pirate who represented East Carolina very well. He comes from a very good family and he has his head on right.

He was a great example of the type of player we want at ECU. An unselfish player, a good student (graduated already), and a kid was proud to be a Pirate. This decision, in my opinion, makes all the sense in the world. First, he has the kind of skill that can make it on the next level. The new ECU offense is not the type of offense that he could even contribute to to his maximum. And, since Coach Holtz is completely familiar with his talents and he with the offense being run at USF, the match makes sense. Like any baller, he has a dream of playing in the NFL and this move give him the best chance possible for that dream to happen.

I am going to miss seeing him graduate as part of the Pirates program, but he will still always in my mind be a true and great Pirate!

Smooth Sailing Kevin!

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