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Hot off the Press: Bonesville Magazine 2013 is now avaiable!

Get Some...Read Some!
Get Some…Read Some!

Hi all…had to take a moment to let you all know that the 2013 edition of Bonesville Magazine is hot off the presses. Of course, Pirate Club members will get their copy in the mail very soon, but if you want to grab one, they are available for purchase right here.

A neat little addition, too, if you notice at that website, you can check out the 2011 and 2012 editions – in electronic format – for FREE. So, if you missed the last couple of editions, you can read them now and see if we were even close to getting things right when we previewed the Pirates for 2012. You can see which Pirate recruits – who back then were so full of hope and bravado – have panned out and which have not.

Anyway, wanted to let you know that it was out since we work hard to bring it to you all.


6 comments on “Hot off the Press: Bonesville Magazine 2013 is now avaiable!

  1. Ed Keller

    Looking forward to reading it when it arrives.

  2. ToTheHilt

    Ron, I was out of town last week and was delighted to find the new Bonesville in my mail when I returned. Obviously, I put all other mail to the side, sat down on my couch and read cover-to-cover. Great job and great read as always. My favorite part is always the writeups on the recruits, but I also really enjoyed the basketball article. Thanks for all you do for the Pirates!

  3. Ed Keller

    Ron, how big are the losses of Jones and Soloman? Seems bad to me, especially Jones with his size.

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