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Misplaced Angst…In Frustration over a Depth Chart – it MUST be close to kickoff

You see, the thing about a post on a blog is that sometimes you forget to read it from all perspectives before you hit the publish button.

I throw myself upon the mercy of the Pirates court.

Such is the case with my last post, Digging into the First Depth Chart: Interesting Inferences Can Be Made. I was a bit frustrated that Appalachian State released a depth chart for the first game before the official depth chart was released by ECU. And, I commented about it.

However, in re-reading my post, it sure didn’t reflect where my angst was directed. I assumed two things: 1) that Appalachian State was releasing something that maybe should have been held; 2) that the ECU Coaches were sure about some decisions but hadn’t conveyed them to ECU folks. Not sure on No. 1, thought looking at ECU’s official first depth chart, I am thinking that the first one released by ASU was not the prime time DC and perhaps should not have been released; and on No. 2, it was more a function of a responsibility to get something to the other team than it was not informing the ECU crowd.

Either way, it was petty, and a poor choice for  a lead in to a post to analyze and drive conversation about the season and the players who will be competing for the Pirates.

Mea Culpa…for sure.

The full blown DC – which was released ahead of Coach Ruff’s presser – reflects a lot of information that we all expected to see – along with the QB decision –  and with today’s clarification on the WRs, it all make much more sense.

Any way, I cannot wait for the season…now just a few days away. Here is to a great start to a great season.

Cheers to any and all who take the time to read these posts.



Digging into the First Depth Chart: Interesting Inferences Can Be Made

6 comments on “Misplaced Angst…In Frustration over a Depth Chart – it MUST be close to kickoff

  1. Go Pirates! Ron, you’ve got me fired up about the season!!!… can’t wait to see that defense and to see if Rio is ready to be the man..

    • Thanks Chris!

      I am so ready for Saturday…without a doubt.

      I think Rio will do fine. He is ready and he earned. I DO think we might see both he and Carden even if Rio does fine and has no stumbles.

      It is Rio’s team now and he needs the comfort level to play to win.

      That said, I am so hoping that the Defense hands him some real safe opportunities and Rio can just manage the offense (with a short field!).

      Go Pirates!

  2. Ralph Wright

    Getting your honest reactions and valuable opinion are why I love reading your stuff. Having the benefit of your access and insight help make me feel like more of an insider. Keep on calling em the way you see Ron. I’ll keep reading.

    • Thanks RW…that means a lot to me.

      Just needed to clarify where my head was on that previous post in regards to the Depth Chart.

      So ready for the season…cannot wait till kickoff.

  3. No worries mate – when one spends and inordinate amount of time and money on something, it’s easy to feel slighted at things like this. I had the same exact visceral feelings you did until I let it cool for a bit – and I’m sure we’re not alone. Upon further reflection, I also thought about how spoiled we are as well here at ECU in regards to the insane amount of access to the head and assiatnt coaches we have. Ruff is everywhere – tv, radio, give him a call – no problem. Heck, stop by and say hello on his afternoon walks. Ditto for any assistance coach. Want to talk to the AD (yoda)? Sure thing. Try that at any other university – the assistant coaches can’t speak and it’s an Elvis sighting if you see the head coach in person, let alone the AD. What a great place Pirate Nation is.

    • PR…you said it all right there…

      You are spot on about access and the SID and his staff does a remarkable job as well. We are spoiled.

      We are all truly fortunate to be part of a special kind of university and alumni base.

      Can barely contain my excitement for Saturday. On vacation right now at the beach and find myself having to enjoy each day while inside I cannot wait to get back home and into Pirate football mode.

      Shhhhh on that last point…don’t tell the kids that my mind is drifting off to Saturday!

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