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So far, Pirates in the Pros making a good accounting of themselves

As our Pirates prepare for the opener against Appalachian State, other Pirates – former greats – are in NFL training camps across the country. The

Garrard back on top: Dolphins likely 2012 starter!

big headlines have been about David Garrard down in Miami where he was named the No. 1 QB on the Dolphins first depth chart. God…he is one that I am pulling hard for. He is such a great ambassador for the ECU football program and the University – he and his wife. How can you not pull for him…a big scrimmage on Wednesday could go a long way for David if he performs well. I am now a Dolphins fan.

Ready to soar: Harris is making his way now

Another feel good story is Dwayne Harris, making big noise down in Dallas and looking every bit like a WR who will stick this time around. He is getting a ton of reps at the slot and is listed among the top four receivers currently. With the Cowboys likely to carry at least six and with his return skills, he has a great shot…and he is also a great alum for the program.

I was really happy to hear that Davon Drew is starting to get some positive feedback in Baltimore in his third year there. He can no longer be a practice squad guy, so he is under some pressure.

Drew making his move in Baltimore.

But with an injury to the starting tight end, he is getting a ton of reps and had a great, great practice on Tuesday. Keep it up Davon. While Drew is fighting to prove to the Ravens that he was worth the two years on practice squad, another ECU alum, Vonta Leach, need not prove anything to anyone. Largely considered the best fullback in the NFL, Leach is looking forward to another season of paving the way for Ray Rice. Leach, too, is a great ambassador for the Pirates.

Another Pirate stud: Leach is the league’s best

Down in Tennessee, the word out of training camp is that Chris Johnson is on a mission to be CJ2K again. He came into camp ultra fit and head down competing. Though a little too brash for my likes, he is a kid with a great heart and loves his Pirates, so I am pulling for him to make another run at 2,000 in 2012.

CJ looking like himself again with Titans.

Over in Green Bay, C.J. Wilson finds himself in a high-risk, high-reward situation where he is being shown the lion’s share of the reps at right defensive end as he is being given a full-on chance to take that starting position. He continues to do well, he could become a household name. Failure…well…he could fast fall off the map there. I am betting on C.J. – another Garrard-like Pirate!

The other C.J….Wilson is vying for a starting position.

His former linemate, Linval Joseph, pretty much locked up the starting job on the Giants with his play in the Super Bowl. He is now solidly part of one of the best defensive lines in the NFL, in his brief career thus far.

Around the league, other Pirates are making bids to stick. In Cleveland, I think Emanuel Davis has too steep of a climb to make that team. They have moved him to Strong Safety, which makes sense giving his penchant for busting chops, but currently he is listed at the 4th SS, meaning he is getting only scrap reps right now. He will need to make a big head turning play or two in he early pre-season games, IMO, to have a fair shot at the gig…

A longshot: Heart of a Lion could save Emanuel Davis in Cleveland.

Steven Baker is the No. 3 right tackle in Indy right now, so he will get a shot to see the field in preseason. I like his chances better at right tackle than at left, because his size and strength give him a chance there. Left tackle is the more complex one and I think Steven simply did not have enough experience to make it at left tackle in the League…Up in Buffalo, Jay Ross has apparently moved to Defensive End, which is not a good sign for him…he may not be getting a chance there where he is listed as a 4th teamer…perhaps Dave Wannstedt will see enough in him to keep him on the practice squad

Wiley veteran: Copper on his 9th season already.

while they decide what position he is best at…Hard to believe that WR Terrance Copper is in his 9th year in the NFL…wow…time flies for sure.  He will likely be a deep reserve who mentors the young guys, but he will make a player here are there and keep on representing…

In Washington, a pair of Pirates face different odds in making the roster. Tackle Willie Smith started 3 of the last 4 games for the Redskins last season filling in for the injured starter.

Tasted the NFL: Smith wants more.

Though he is currently listed as a No. 3 on the first 2012 depth chart, he has a good shot at sticking again this season. WR Lance Lewis, however, may just have too many numbers in front of him. He will have to make some noticeable plays to have a shot at a practice squad slot, IMO, but sometimes talent has a way of finding the top…The beat goes on in Jacksonville for OT Guy Whimper where he started 15 games in 2011 and will challenge for the job again this season. He is such a great story, learning the position, really in the NFL…rare.

Looking like an NFL QB: Davis rocking it in Atlanta.

QB Dominique Davis is making a lot of noise down in Atlanta where he is vying to make the roster and reunite with Matt Ryan (whom he backed up at Boston College). Davis has done well enough already to be getting heavy mentions both by the coaches and by the press down there in Falcons country. Davis has a great shot to stick as a No. 3 there with the Falcons.

Super Bowl Champion: Joseph is a beast in New York.

15 comments on “So far, Pirates in the Pros making a good accounting of themselves

  1. Thanks Ron. I love hearing about our NFL Pirates’ success!

    • Thanks for dropping in Chris. There are a lot of Pirates out there…hoping some of the young guys can stick.

      Counting the days till ECU kickoff!

  2. Awesome update, thanks!! Is Guy Whimper stil playing? Jacksonville? How about JW, did he sign with the Jets? I’m pretty sure Allison is not in the NFL anymore, is this correct? Trying to figure out if there are anymore Pirates in camps anywhere.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Brian…thanks for dropping in. OMG…I had drafted a note about Guy, so great catch. Somehow it didn’t make it in. Guy is coming off a great season at Jacksonville where he started 15 games. I expect him to vie for the starting nod there again at OT.

  3. Thanks RC – just ordered “crunch time” Bonesville 2012 by the way. Oh happy day. Thanks for those efforts as well.

    • Thanks Pirate R…I hope you enjoy this edition. Remember…Pirate Club members get it as part of their membership.

      Go Pirates!

  4. Allison Denning

    You left out Jay Ross! Practice Squad with Buffalo Bills with hopes of making the DLine! And a wonderful Philanthropist!

    • Hi Allison…thanks for reading and dropping a note!!

      Jay is in there…I did miss Guy Whimper. Look down below Emanuel Davis’ picture.

      And he is awesome! Hoping he can find a way to stick there or somewhere. I like him at interior not on the end, but whatever is needed.

  5. Great info. Thanks. One note just FYI – it’s MATT Ryan QB for the Falcons and former Davis BC teammate.

  6. Chuck Tignor

    Ron, DD is hoping to be a backup to MATT Ryan in Atlanta.

  7. Chuck Tignor

    Sorry I think I just posted my comment at the same time WJ did. I do love your blog through!

    • Hi Chuck…yep…blew that one! Thanks for dropping in.

      BTW, how is Trent feeling in camp?

      I just did an interview that will run over on Bonesville soon where Trent’s name came up. I can tell you that he is a very well-regarded Pirate…players think a lot of him and how he goes about his business.

  8. Brash yeah, but CJ is electric – as he goes, so goes the Pirates’ national profile. I meet/greet visitors by the hundreds every week and when it comes to football, thye all know him and have their opinion, good and bad. Here’s hoping he puts it together again this year for him and our profile. thanks for all you do ron

    • Hi Seabound…thanks for checking and for taking the time to read the blog.

      I really hope he does have another big year…he is such a fun running back to watch and as you say, he does a whole lot for ECU every day he is at the top of his game.

      It is amazing that with Garrard’s return to the spotlight, we currently have arguably the most talented alumni backfield in the NFL today with CJ, David and Vonta Leach at FB. Can you imagine if they were all on the same team…that would be a hell of a backfield.


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