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The Memphis Conundrum…Why this game will be tougher than it should

OK…on the one hand, with our Pirates crumbling right before our eyes, it would seem that the football gods are divinely reaching in and delivering us Memphis at a time when the team most needs it.

Better times: Boy, this team sure could use Dwayne!

Make no mistakes about it, ECU’s roster has exponentially more talent on it than does Memphis’.


There is something about the ECU mentality that – if you have followed the program for a few decades – prevents a game like this from EVER playing out how it should. What should happen is ECU would go to the Liberty Bowl and thrash the hapless Tigers.

For the Xs and Os on what ECU has to do, I agree with my Bonesville colleague, Kevin Monroe’s assessment, but I am very concerned about our team and its collective mentality. I have never been able to figure it out, but like the back-up QB curse (do I need to elaborate on that one?), there seems to be a mentality in our program that no matter how we are playing or how desperately we need things to come together, our kids can’t seem to get up for games against lesser opponents. Saw it last week…where our kids should have been jacked up to play a Houston team that should be in the top-25 are going out there and playing like we were playing a 1AA team and then acting surprised we got killed.

So, with that in mind, I officially am worried about this game tomorrow. Our turnover problem is now at epidemic proportions. The fragile defensive swagger that was starting to take root in the Virginia Tech game is long since shattered and the only dependable players on our team heading into the season have seemingly lost all memories on how to execute offensively. We are a team in chaos right now.

Still…Memphis is nowhere near as talented as UAB really. They do have a balanced offense and some get after it guys on the defensive front, but honestly, if we can’t soundly beat Memphis, we are going to get drubbed by USM and UCF.

My opinion on this one is that you will know in our first and their first drives whether or not we will win this game. We have shown no ability to recover from bad starts (in the first or second half). Once the landslide begins, nothing seemingly is in place to stop it regardless of talent differentials.

Unfortunately, this game is going to be a dogfight and, hopefully, if we can eek out a win, it will help right the ship some. Right now, we CAN still win the East…right now. Ask again on Sunday.

Go Pirates!

9 comments on “The Memphis Conundrum…Why this game will be tougher than it should

  1. If we lose this game, we should seriously be looking at a coaching change. Memphis is arguably the worst team in FBS. Look at their losses…it’s atrocious.

    • I hate to say it…but…when you look at what June Jones did at SMU, you gotta admit that it sure stands out when your coach ain’t getting it done.

  2. Yeah. This is a must win for Ruff. I’m rooting for him. But, I have serious doubts about his coaching abilities. Never been a fan of player’s coaches. His results have been extremely disappointing.

  3. Great win. Nice to see them come out strong in the 2nd half. Let’s build on this boys….

  4. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

    • Thank you for dropping in. No, I am not yet out on Facebook or Twitter. But, now I will look into it to see what is available. Not all that technically astute.

      Again…thanks for taking the time to read and share a thought.

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