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Good Luck Dwayne & Willie!

It’s going to be hard not to miss Dwayne Harriswhen I’m watching the Pirates for the 2011 season. He was such a fixture on the team over the pasta four years, that it will just be weird without him out there.

Dwayne at the NFL Combine

Wisely, no one on the current ECU roster will even ask for the number, who would want to have to follow in his footsteps? It’s an unlucky dude who gets assigned good ole #17…feel for that player-to-be-named-later.

Well, the NFL Draft has arrived and the draft gurus and not-so-gurus all are saying Dwayne will come off the board between Rounds 2-5. He will be a steal for whatever team takes him, I know that much. Good luck Dwayne!

Dwayne is likely to have company from fellow Pirate, offensive tackle Willie Smith, who was clearly the team’s best lineman a year ago despite having only played the position for about two years.

Smith has a huge upside as he "learns" to be a tackle

Smith could join former teammates Jay Ross and C.J. Wilson on the Super Bowl champions Green Bay as a late round selection. Good luck to you also Willie!

A handful of other Pirates will seek a shot in NFL camps, guys like running back Jon Williams, a great talent, and linebacker Dustin Lineback and corner Dekota Marshall among others. Good luck to one and all!

You will all be missed but not forgotten.

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